Richard Oster Reeve - Ward 7, Seven Persons North/Desert Blume 403.529.7025
Dan Hamilton Deputy Reeve - Ward 5, Dunmore/Veinerville 403.952.1856
Alf Belyea Councillor- Ward 9, Jenner/Suffield 403.544.3791
Robin Kurpjuweit Councillor - Ward 4, Longfellow 403.977.7625
Ernest Mudie Councillor - Ward 3, Elkwater   403.893.2261 403.878.7704
Darcy Geigle Councillor - Ward 2, Irvine/Walsh 403.834.2244, 403.928.5256
Shane Hok Councillor - Ward 8, Redcliff/Hwy 523 North 403.504.9753
Michelle McKenzie Councillor - Ward 1, Hilda/Schuler 403.878.5705
Dustin Vossler Councillor - Ward 6, Black & White/Seven Persons 403.502.1834










Office of The Chief Administrative Officer

Peter Tarnawsky Interim CAO
LesleyAnn Collins Executive Assistant to CAO

Municipal Services

Jeffrey Dowling Director of Municipal Services/Planner
Kennedy Fandrick Acting Assist. Agricultural Supervisor (Agricultural Fieldman)
Tim Davies Health & Safety Supervisor
Vacant Planning Supervisor
Kelly Meyer Emergency & Protective Services Supervisor / Fire Chief
Pam Pirsch Development Officer
Anna Mast Peace Officer

Corporate Services

John Belanger Director of Corporate Services
Travis Beck Finance & Accounting Supervisor
Steven Toews Assessment Supervisor
Trevor Schmaltz Purchasing Coordinator
Nadine Munro Reception Administrative Assistant

Public Works

Curtis Richter Director of Public Works
Vacant Operations Supervisor
Greg Sjolie Shop & Fleet Maintenance Supervisor
Doran Jensen  Utilities Supervisor
Curtis Gehring Gravel Foreman
Glenn Mattson  Construction Foreman
Harvey Buchholz Grader Foreman
Jamie Bleau Oiling Foreman