The Future

The Future
Cypress County strives to encourage a rural lifestyle and retain its agricultural character.  However, there is the realization that development needs to occur to keep the area sustainable.  A balanced mix of business and industry provides employment, which leads to healthy residential communities.  To promote the County beyond the borders, a number of partnerships have been formed. 

Economic Development Alliance of Southeast Alberta
When it comes to moving forward, the County is proud to be a partner in the Economic Development Alliance of Southeast Alberta (EDA).  Together with support from other nearby urban and rural municipalities, the alliance promotes opportunities where business and industry can expand.  Key focus areas are energy (oil and gas and alternative energy), information technology, machinery, food processing and agriculture. To visit their website click on their logo.


Palliser Economic Partnership

The County is also a member of the Palliser Economic Partnership (PEP).  This is a regional alliance of communities and agencies in southeast Alberta that work together to enhance the area's economic well being.  Founded in 2000, Palliser Economic Partnership includes municipal representatives from the region's 19 communities, who in turn represent a combined population of over 112,000. To visit their website click on their logo.


Ports-to-Plains Alliance 

To ensure the County has a voice on issues of international trade, membership has been established with the Ports-to-Plains Alliance.  This is a grassroots alliance of communities and businesses whose mission is to advocate for a robust transportation infrastructure to promote economic security and prosperity throughout North America's energy and agricultural heartland.  The alliance is committed to working to improve transportation infrastructure and business networks, by ensuring appropriate funding levels, so business and industry can thrive.  The Wildhorse Border Crossing is a subcommittee of the alliance, working towards extended hours of this US/Canada border crossing. To visit their website click on their logo.


Canadian Badlands Ltd

The Canadian Badlands corporation wants the region to become a major iconic tourist destination for Alberta, to complement the role played by the Canadian Rockies in encouraging travel to and within the province.  This not-for-profit co-operative is the largest regional partnership of municipal governments in Alberta.  The shareholders are 62 municipal governments recognizing the power of co-operative efforts to develop and implement a strategic regional tourism development plan. To visit their website click on their logo.